Join TRG during their company culture event, Summer Montana Esprit de Corps Day.

TRG Team Building – Summer Montana Esprit de Corps

The Trade Risk Guaranty team enjoys the perks of living in Montana with a half day spent out of the office for their summer Montana Esprit de Corps day.   Life in Montana can be difficult to understand for people that have never experienced it, but it can be addicting for those that have. And…

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Trade Risk Guaranty explains what supplemental duties are and what you should do when a claim arises.

Importing in the United States: What is a Supplemental Duty Bill?

Receiving a supplemental duty bill from Customs and Border Protection can be confusing for businesses new to importing. Trade Risk Guaranty has prepared the following to explain what this means and how to handle it effectively.   When a supplemental duty bill is issued by CBP, an importer must take action quickly in order remain…

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Watch Trade Risk Guaranty's webinar on what to do when there is a claim on your bond.

[Webinar] How to Handle a Claim on Your U.S. Customs Bond

Trade Risk Guaranty walks through the process of receiving a liquidated damages claim or a supplemental duty bill and how to handle a claim on your U.S. Customs bond.   Receiving a claim on your U.S. Customs Bond is a stressful process with the potential of costing a large sum of money to an importer….

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The Labor Day weekend brings a higher rate of cargo theft. Protect yourself with marine insurance.

Labor Day Weekend Brings an Increased in Cargo Theft Activity

Although the risk of cargo theft is present throughout any supply chain during any time of the year, there is a marked increase around the Labor Day holiday weekend.   Everybody loves a holiday weekend, unfortunately for us, so do thieves. In fact, historically, holiday weekends come with an increase in the amount of cargo…

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Trade Risk Guaranty holds a webinar to explain the process of Liquidation and entering goods into the United States.

[Webinar] The Process of Liquidation and Entering Goods into the United States

Trade Risk Guaranty hosts an educational webinar covering the process of liquidation and the overall process of importing goods into the United States.   The process of liquidation can be a very confusing topic for new importers since it is an easy term to confuse with very different aspects of the business world. When it…

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Trade Risk Guaranty explains the difference between Continuous Customs Bonds and Single Entry Bonds.

What’s the Difference Between Single Entry and Continuous Customs Bonds?

A Customs bond is a contract that is given to insure the performance of an obligation or obligations imposed by law or regulation. A bond is like an insurance policy that guarantees payment to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) if a required act is not performed. The difference between a single entry and continuous bonds is…

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