TRG identifies three important questions for importers to ask their Customs Broker.

3 Important Questions to Ask Your Customs Broker

Hiring a Customs Broker can be a very confusing process for an importer, especially if they are new to international trade. The following are three important questions to ask your Customs Broker.   When participating in international trade, most companies rely on their Customs Broker to guide them through the process and help them avoid…

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Trade Risk Guaranty provides a video explaining how to determine your bond size for a U.S. Customs bond.

[Video] How to Calculate Your Customs Bond Size

In a short educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty explains how to calculate your U.S. Customs Bond Size.   After learning the basics of Customs Bonds in our educational videos explaining ‘What is a Customs Import Bond?’ and ‘the difference between a Single Entry and Continuous Bond’, it is time to expand on that topic and…

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Take a look inside Trade Risk Guaranty's office in downtown Bozeman.

A Look Inside TRG’s Downtown Bozeman Office

Take a peek inside Trade Risk Guaranty’s office in Downtown Bozeman, Montana.   Here are TRG, we are very proud of our hometown and the outdoor lifestyle it provides for our employees, in fact, that lifestyle is a huge part of what we celebrate on this blog. But we thought it was about time to…

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Trade Risk Guaranty holds a webinar discussing the new tariffs on imports from China.

[Webinar] New Tariffs on Imports from China: Section 232 & 301

In a new webinar presented by Trade Risk Guaranty and Strix, we discuss the new tariffs on imports from China and Customs’ environment of enforcement.   Under the current United States administration, importing into the United States has become more turbulent than ever. With new tariffs going into effect and being discussed week-by-week, it has…

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What is Section 301 and what products from China are affected?

Section 301 Tariffs on Products from China

In June 2018, it was announced that an additional 25% duty will be imposed on certain goods imported from China. But what are these goods and why has this gone into effect?   On June 20, 2018, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced that an additional 25% duty will be imposed on certain products imported…

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Join TRG during their company culture event, Summer Montana Esprit de Corps Day.

TRG Team Building – Summer Montana Esprit de Corps

The Trade Risk Guaranty team enjoys the perks of living in Montana with a half day spent out of the office for their summer Montana Esprit de Corps day.   Life in Montana can be difficult to understand for people that have never experienced it, but it can be addicting for those that have. And…

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