There's been an error in the new Merchandise Processing Fee. Read more at TRG Peak to maintain your supply chain compliance.

Merchandise Processing Fee Error

It is important to maintain a vigilant approach to supply chain compliance because as we have seen in the errors of Merchandise Processing Fee increases, mistakes can manifest themselves at any place, and at any time.   During the week of June 11th, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) began their process of re-liquidating entries…

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Check out TRG's 4 tips to Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Tips from TRG

Trade Risk Guaranty has compiled a list of four tips to help your supply chain management.   There are myriad motives for every importer to keep a close eye on supply chain management. It is much easier to keep problems in check with a systematic and organized approach to the import process. Without being fully aware…

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Camping in Montana is one of the most peaceful, yet awe-inspiring experiences a person can have. Learn about Montana camping on TRG Peak

Camping in Montana

Life in Montana is anything but mundane. We at TRG are lucky to live and work in this land of secluded beauty that is Montana, and we work hard to be here. But when the work weeks start to wind to a close, there is a common voice in the minds of most Montanans. It starts as…

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The Merchandise Processing Fee has been increased. Many importers will receive a supplemental duty bill and should act accordingly.

Merchandise Processing Fee Increased

The Merchandising Processing Fee (MPF) increase will affect over 650,000 summaries, and importers should be vigilant in making sure the proper paperwork is filed for their MPF. Supplemental duty bills are one of the many Customs duties that can cross an importer’s desk.  Improperly classifying goods can result in one of these bills; so can…

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There are many tasks an importer is required to carry out in order to be importing into the country, some of which can be hired out.

Import Support

The world of international trade is multi-faceted. Importers, in particular, should be informed about different methods for import support in the process of making shipments.   Amongst many obligations, when importing goods into the United States, importers are solely responsible for complying with laws and regulations associated with the process. Importing Process It is difficult…

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Montana is an incredible place to live and play. At TRG, we make sure to remember this at all times, by celebrating our beautiful state.

Montana Pastimes with TRG

Summertime in Montana isn’t complete without some time spent outdoors in the beautiful scenery provided by nature. Grilling is a spectacular way to bring good people together to share stories and delicious food. At TRG we enjoy spending time together outside of the confines of our offices, which is why we organize regular get-togethers. These…

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