How to I know when by Custom bond expires?

How do I know when by Customs bond expires?

A continuous Customs bond remains on file until the surety or broker puts in a termination notice with U.S. Customs. Did you know you can access your bond information, liquidated damages, supplemental duties at any time using Eagle Eye?

Trade Risk Guaranty explains when you purchase a continuous bond and the company goes out of business.

What if I purchase the continuous bond with a multiple year option and your company goes out of business?

What happens if a surety goes out of business? Specifically for Customs bond holders?

TRG offers its importers Eagle Eye for free to monitor Customs entries.

Monitor Your Customs Entries for Free with TRG’s Eagle Eye

Have you ever wasted time and resources trying to answer one of these important questions?

Do I owe any duties to Customs?
Which entries have not liquidated?
How much duty did I pay last year?
Which of my entries are suspended?

5 tips for best practices for recordkeeping during importing.

Import/Export Recordkeeping Best Practices by Mike Laden

TRG attended another successful event hosted by the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) this past March. With educational sessions ranging from the Pros and Cons of Direct-filing to Understanding Incoterms, attendees were buzzing about the depth of knowledge presented at this conference. Mike Laden of TRG Direct presented Import/Export Recordkeeping Best Practices.

Trade Risk Guaranty has opted to continue to only provide the amended Continuous bonds for Importer Security Filing (ISF).

TRG Provides Continuous Customs Bonds for Importer Security Filing

TRG’s Customs bond division has opted to continue to only provide the amended Continuous bonds for Importer Security Filing. Customs and Border Protection allows for ISFs to be secured by single entry or continuous bonds.

Top 5 to do list for international trade community.

The International Trade Professional’s Top 5 To Do List for 2010

Print this out, keep it in sight and let the check off begin…

□ Take Initiative: Apply for your C-TPAT membership. Not only will your company receive numerous benefits from a C-TPAT membership, but it will increase the value of your relationship with U.S. Customs. If you are interested in learning more about applying, visit CBP’s website.

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