What is The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)?

What is The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)?

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The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is a web-based system that the trade community uses to report imports and exports while the government determines admissibility.

The ACE Secure Data Portal

In February 2014, Executive Order 13659 was signed, calling for a single window for businesses to electronically transmit any data required by the U.S. Government to import or export cargo. This executive order led to the creation of The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

The ACE Secure Data Portal is a web-based access point that the trade community uses to send data to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It allows for interaction with CBP and Partner Government Agency (PGA) personnel and is free to use.

ACE gives companies the ability to file Importer Security Filings, import truck manifests, protests, and electronic import/export information. In addition, users can run reports, respond to CBP forms, create declarations, and manage ACE accounts.

In February 2018, CBP deployed the last of the core ACE deployments. All import manifest, cargo release, post-release, export, and PGA integration functionality is now available to the trade community.

ACE modernizes the administrative tasks of the trade process by providing a secure and automated environment for commerce to operate within. Importers can create an account for their business to explore many reports and other available functionalities through this new system.

The Automated Commercial Environment is the backbone of CBP’s trade processing and risk management activities and provides a single, centralized access point to connect CBP, Partner Government Agencies (PGAs), and the trade community.

Filing for Entry Using ACE

Importers must file electronic entries for all entry types using The Automated Commercial Environment. ACE Cargo Release streamlines the entry process and allows for earlier transmission of entry data to CBP. It allows filers to receive clearer messaging regarding their shipments and CBP personnel to experience greater efficiencies by automating processes like electronic corrections and cancellations.

The Automated Commercial Environment supports these entry summary capabilities:

  • Filing of all entry types
  • Filing of post summary corrections
  • Creating blanket declaration records through the ACE Portal

ACE will then process and store the data that is received. The system interacts with any partner government agency that is necessary for processing any relevant data. The system then sends any responses to the trade community as needed. A member of the trade community using the ACE portal can use it to:

  • Run reports
  • Manage their portal account, like granting cross-account access or merging accounts
  • Manage periodic monthly statement information

Using ACE to file for entry allows for a streamlined submission of data elements and a much more efficient and effective collection of fees. Importers no longer have to file paper CBP Form 3461 and are able to submit any changes on their entry summary electronically. The Automated Commercial Environment also allows CBP and PGA personnel to provide enhanced security, safety, and compliance through faster processing.

To learn more about The Automated Commercial Environment, take a look at the ACEopedia provided by CBP.

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