The ICPA is an organization of professionals dedicated to sharing important knowledge regarding compliance.

The International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA)

The International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) is the only international trade organization giving a voice to the U.S. importer/exporter. The ICPA is a tight-knit group of 2,000+ members of the trade community. It was established to bring compliance professionals together with the intent of sharing ideas and promoting informed compliance. This mission correlates directly with…

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Montana is home to countless pristine natural hot springs, but the locations of some are closely guarded secrets.

Montana Hot Springs

Hunting and fishing are popular Montanan pastimes, however, there is another unique hunting activity that people in Montana are drawn to, wild hot springs.   This type of hunting will not give you a beautiful mount to hang over your fireplace, but it will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that you got when your…

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There are some vital data elements relating to a US Customs bond that every importer should be aware of. Learn more at Trade Risk Guaranty.

Discover your U.S. Customs Bond

Today, we will be discussing methods of procuring information regarding your company’s U.S. Customs bond, and why this information is important.   Knowing the details of your bond is an important step toward understanding and effectively managing your supply chain. There are a few crucial points of information relating to a Customs bond: What is…

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Five tips relating to Importer Security Filing (ISF). There is much more to learn, but here at TRG is a good place to start.

5 Tips for ISF Success

Importer Security Filing (ISF) is a government mandate requiring importers to file additional data elements for all shipments entering the U.S. via ocean cargo.   Unless you are preparing for your first import into the U.S. you should already have procedures in place to transmit your ISF. As you continue to improve your ISF program…

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ISF compliance is an integral element of an importer's responsibilities when bringing goods into the U.S. Stay educated and stay compliant.

What is ISF?

Developments in national security protocol have introduced a host of requirements importers must fulfill. One of these requirements is Importer Security Filing (ISF) and Additional Carrier Requirements, also known as 10+2.   Implemented on January 26, 2009, the goal of ISF is to keep US borders as safe and secure as possible while still facilitating…

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Montana is our home and playground. Words fail to describe its beauty, and pictures only tell half the tale; you have to experience it.

Montana Playground

The state of Montana is known for vast beautiful landscapes, endless blue skies, pristine rivers, and sky stretching mountain ranges. This huge playground attracts the most enthused of outdoor enthusiasts.   Just mentioning an outdoor activity could, in fact, lead to an in-depth conversation with a total stranger. Popular conventional activities include fishing, hiking, skiing,…

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