If you don't know about Anti-Dumping & Countervailing Duty, read this blog post by TRG to tell you more about the topic.

Anti-Dumping & Countervailing Duty: Research By Josh Froberg of TRG

Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties are duties that are levied by US Customs in ord

Anti-Dumping & Counterveiling Duty Research by Josh Froberger to level the playing field. This is considered a “Priority Trade Issue” and is meant to allow fair trade and deter unfair trade. Dumping is defined as selling at a price below fair value, and Countervailing is defined as a foreign government subsidizing its industry that exports to the United States. There is an extensive process in the investigation, reviewing and enforcement of Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties.

A Drawback Bond is one of the many customs bonds available to importers today. TRG and this bond will help you decide if your company needs.

What’s a Customs Drawback Bond?

What is an activity code 1a – Drawack Payment Refunds Bond?

This bond allows an importer to obtain a refund of 99% of the duties paid on importer goods upon providing proof these goods were exported.

Learn what the difference is between continuous customs bonds and single entry bonds with this informative post from customs bond experts TRG. 

Continuous Customs Bond, Learn the Basics

If you currently import using single entry bonds, see what you are paying per single entry bond. It might be in your best interest to get a quote from TRG on a continuous customs surety bond.

Knowing what type of customs bond your company needs is imperative to maintaining your compliance. Read this post and get informed by TRG. 

What Type of Customs Bond Do I Need?

Most importers know they have a continuous customs bond on file in order to bring goods into the U.S. However, some are not quite sure why they need the customs bond, what type of customs bond they have on file and what they pay for their customs bond.   All customs bonds are financial guarantees between…

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Looking for a customs bond quote for your company? Reach out to Trade Risk Guaranty today and see our pricing options.

Get a Customs Bond Quote for Your Company Today

Did you know that you can get a Customs Bond quote for your business directly from Trade Risk Guaranty’s website? Well, you can!   All you need to know is the bond type and the size required for your importing practices. Read the information below and learn about the few simple steps needed to get a Customs bond…

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TRG has developed and implemented Free Entry Monitoring for our clients to have effective tools that make it easy for them to be informed.

Free Entry Monitoring with a Customs Bond

As a participant in today’s ever-changing international trade environment, it is in your best interests to have current, accurate, private and easily accessible information regarding your import entries whenever you want. That’s where TRG’s free entry monitoring comes in! As the surety agent for Customs bonds, it is also in our best interest that our…

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