Summer 2020 Esprit De Corps Day at TRG

Summer 2020 Esprit De Corps Day at TRG

On August 21st, Trade Risk Guaranty observed Summer 2020 Esprit De Corps day. The purpose of Esprit De Corps day is to establish and reinforce a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty between all TRG employees. However, due to COVID-19, our Summer Esprit De Corps day looked a little different this year.

This year, TRG employees were encouraged to form small groups and participate in outdoor recreational activities using social distancing best practices. Many employees chose to take this opportunity to spend time outside individually with their family and pets given the circumstances. The office closed at 1pm for the occasion and people set off on their small group and individual adventures.

One group of TRG employees adventured up to Hyalite Reservoir to enjoy some sunshine with coworkers and pets. Three dogs tagged along to enjoy a refreshing swim and some glorious zoomies. Meanwhile, the TRG employees sat and relaxed in the sun (at a safe distance) and enjoyed some conversation, snacks, and drinks. After working from home for so long and not seeing each other in the office, everyone was thrilled to see their peers face-to-face.


From Left to Right: Felicia Donahue, Meredith Lambert, Haley Mummert, Jonathan Ballard, and Courtney Dresden

Kate Lawson, one of TRG’s remote employees, spent her afternoon away from work biking trails with her dog, Grubby. Grubby had the luxury of his own little basket to rest in on his ride, so Kate had the luxury of doing all the pedaling.

Kate Lawson

Kate’s dog, Grubby

One of the TRG employees that chose to spend their afternoon off with their family was Travis Smith. Travis took his family to see the turkeys at Rocky Creek Farm with his wife and two kids. Travis’ kids had a great time checking out the turkeys and spending extra time with their dad.

Travis’ kids and wife, Katie

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Haley Mummert • August 28, 2020

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