Trade Risk Guaranty explains ocean carriers and their responsibility in transit.

[Webinar] What is Your Ocean Carrier Responsible For?

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Logistics / Shipping, Webinars

Trade Risk Guaranty explains the responsibilities of ocean carriers and how you can protect yourself from disaster while your goods are in transit.

There are many different parts of the importing process that an importer does not typically have direct oversight on. Instead, an importer must put their trust in their selected Customs broker or freight forwarder to make the best decisions on their behalf. While this chain of command works out in most arrangements, it is still in an importer’s best interest to understand their ocean carrier and the responsibilities they have while moving goods across the ocean.

In the latest installment of TRG’s webinar series, Nick explains the basics of ocean carriers and answers questions around the topic. The presentation covers the following topics:

  • What Is An Ocean Carrier?
  • What Are Ocean Carriers Responsible?
  • What Can Go Wrong In Transit?
  • What Happens When Things Go Wrong?
  • How To Protect Yourself

Watch the Full Webinar to Learn about Ocean Carriers

Watch the full webinar below for a comprehensive look at the trade war with China and what you can do yo help prepare your company for potential new tariffs on the way.

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