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Trade Risk Guaranty Employee Profile: Jordan Jarosky

LinkedIn: Jordan Jarosky, District Sales Manager 406-922-6544 Jordan Jarosky, who helms Team Black Diamond, is a noteworthy member of our senior sales staff. Our latest employee profile focuses on Jordan Jarosky, who not only excels as a TRG Sales team leader, but also as an outdoor enthusiast. From rafting the waterways of Montana to…

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thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from Trade Risk Guaranty

Thanksgiving 2015 is the first major event of the upcoming holiday season. In America this holiday is recognized as an opportunity to strap on the feed bag and get down on Ma’s (or Grandma’s) famous cooking and give thanks for the blessings in our life. As the name suggests, Thanksgiving 2015 is going to be a time of…

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general average

General Average and What It Means for Importers

What is General Average, and why would an importer need to consider it in their risk management portfolio? If you are looking for more information about this policy, or if you are wondering why this protection is important, read the content below. Definition of General Average The law of General Average states that cargo owners are jointly…

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employee profile

Trade Risk Guaranty Employee Profile: Felicia Hamilton

LinkedIn: Felicia Hamilton, Senior Cargo Insurance Specialist 406-922-6626 Felicia Hamilton is a currently working diligently in our Marine Department—making sure our clients remain afloat. This latest employee profile from TRG is all about Felicia Hamilton, a dedicated team member of the Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance Department. Since her time with us, Felicia has proven to be an…

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Winter Crashes Through Bozeman

A frothing madness has descended upon Bozeman. The cause you ask? Winter just unleashed its first fatty dump of frosty flakes on our town, and even as I write this a lance of electricity rips through my core in anticipation of the coming ski season. This storm heralds in the promise that the travesty of our…

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Which PGAs and OGAs Should Importers Know About?

There are government agencies, known as Partner Gov’t Agencies (PGA) and Other Gov’t Agencies (OGA), which regulate commodities imported into America—knowing how they work will help improve your Customs compliance. The term PGA is used to describe the Federal Agencies that regulate specific commodities imported into the U.S. in conjunction with Customs. Before the designation PGA…

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