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Happy 4th of July from TRG

In observance of the upcoming holiday the TRG staff has been given tomorrow, Friday 7/3/2015, off. It seems like each staffer has their own unique, and equally exciting way of spending the fourth. Independence day is right around the corner, and the staff at TRG couldn’t happier for a chance to get out of the…

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4 Main Ways Cargo Insurance is Purchased

Knowing everything about a cargo insurance policy can seem daunting, but it’s really not. The following list will educate you on the four main ways cargo insurance is purchased, and give you a better overall picture of how it works. CIF from Seller/Manufacturer¬†(Cost, Insurance and Freight): The cost of insurance and freight are already included…

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Importers Need to Know About These Warranties

Finding appropriate coverage can be difficult for importers, but once an insurance policy is attained there’s still more importers need to know about warranties. If you’re planning on shipping any of the following commodities, it’s best you know about the applicable coverage requirements and possible¬†warranties. Staying on top of this information will ensure your compliance…

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Johnny Fishing

Trials of a Novice Fisherman: Continued

After my inaugural attempt at fly fishing on the Madison, I had a unique opportunity to learn from a professional. I’m still a novice fisherman, but I’m getting better with each cast. It was a Thursday afternoon and I’d received an email from a member of our staff whom I’d not formally met. His name…

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Customs Bonds 101: Bond Sources

Do you know about the different ways Customs Bonds are acquired? There are two main ways importers can get Customs Bonds. Commonly bonds are purchased via a third party or direct from a surety agency. Read the content below to better decide which method is right for you. Nature of the Bond Sources: When a…

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Marine Commodities & Underwriting: Part 2

As promised, here’s more imported commodities with high risk. Listed below are a number of marine commodities that may require additional underwriting due to elevated risk. As an importer, it’s best if you’re familiar with the regulations¬†certain items are subject to. If you’re importing any of these goods, understand that they are flagged for higher…

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