Trade Risk Guaranty shares stories and perspective while working from home.

TRG in Quarantine – Working from Home During COVID-19

The TRG team is working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, but what does working from home actually look like?

This year we have entered an unprecedented global situation none of us at Trade Risk Guaranty could have foreseen. The global pandemic caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many businesses to adapt to a new reality that we all hope will pass sooner rather than later. However, without having an end date to count on, we all must figure out how to keep going as normally as possible.

How is Trade Risk Guaranty Handling Quarantine?

Although we do have remote workers that live in other areas of the country, Trade Risk Guaranty’s office is located in Bozeman, Montana. Here in Montana, we have not received a ‘shelter in place’ order, but measures have been taken to limit social gathering and people have been asked to stay at home.

At TRG, we are taking those requests very seriously. Our in-office employees moved to a remote work plan at the beginning of last week in order to slow the spread and keep everyone safe.

As a company that already primarily works with customers over the phone and via email, Trade Risk Guaranty is uniquely prepared to maintain our business functions at full capacity. This way we can still serve our clients at the highest level while prioritizing the safety of our employees.

How Has It Been Working from Home?

Despite the seriousness of the situation, we must also acknowledge the silver lining of working from home: more time with family. As a fun exercise, we asked the TRG team to share some stories from their home offices but refer to their kids, pets, or significant others as their co-workers.

The following are some of the stories from TRG in Quarantine – Working from Home:

“My co-worker, Delanie, is busy Facetiming (again) and the other two are bathing themselves after their mid-morning snack.”
– Geneva Wild, Human Resource Manager

TRG team members share their experiences while working from home.

“My co-worker, Lizzy, has been sleeping on the job a lot but she’s also making sure I take breaks so she’s got that going for her.”
– Felicia Donohue, Marine Insurance Manager

Trade Risk Guaranty employees share their stories while working from home.

“My coworker, Steve, is chewing on my arm.”
– Gabby Michel, Underwriting and Claims Assistant

Trade Risk Guaranty employees deal with different co-workers while working from home.

“I’m working from my co-worker’s bedroom while he and my other two co-workers dance to Dolly Parton in the other room about every day.”
– Travis Smith, National Sales Manager

Trade Risk Guaranty shares their work setup while working from home.

“My co-worker trying to tell me I need to pay more attention to the time because he’s ready for lunch!”
– Danielle Mifflin, Assistant Manager of Marine Insurance

Trade Risk Guaranty employees have demanding co-workers as they work from home.

“My co-worker swallowed a whole squeaker and hasn’t passed it yet! But Overall, when she isn’t demanding scratches, she’s napping.”
– Sofia Costa, Assistant Manager of Client Loyalty

Trade RIsk Guaranty employees' have very sleepy co-workers while working from home.

“My co-worker is currently counting the money in her piggy bank.”
– Katie Swanson, Controller

Trade Risk Guaranty employees share their working from home experience.

“One of my co-workers has created a literal wall between us while another is being extremely clingy and taking advantage of the situation.”
– Meredith Lambert, Marketing Manager

Trade Risk Guaranty employees share their experiences with coworkers while working from home.

“My co-worker took my chair and wants to help me work. He keeps scratching my back to get my attention.”
– Laraine Spaulding , Assistant Manager Bond Dept

TRG employees get help working from home from their fuzzy co-workers.

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Meredith Lambert • March 26, 2020

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