Trade Risk Guaranty holds a webinar explaining the changes with Incoterms® 2020.

[Webinar] Incoterms® 2020: What’s Changed?

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Incoterms, Logistics / Shipping, Webinars

Trade Risk Guaranty held an educational webinar covering the changes released in Incoterms® 2020 and why these changes were made.

As of September 2019, the International Chamber of Commerce released the new iteration of their Incoterms® rules: Incoterms® 2020. These updates rules will replace the previous set of rules Incoterms® 2010. To get a better idea behind what has changed with the new Incoterms® rules, Trade Risk guaranty hosted a 35-minute educational webinar discussing the changes.

The discussion includes the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Incoterms® Rules
  • What They Do Versus Don’t Do
  • Incoterms® 2020: What’s Changed?
  • Helpful Incoterms® Resources
  • Answers to Pre-Submitted Questions

If you have additional questions about Incoterms®, feel free to reach out to TRG’s team of experts for insight. Also, check out our additional content on the topic of Incoterms®:

Watch the Full Webinar on Incoterms® 2020

Watch the full webinar below for a look at Incoterms® 2020 and what changes have been made by the ICC.

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