Trade Risk Guaranty holds a webinar with updates on the trade war with China.

[Webinar] May 2019 Update on the Trade War with China

by | May 28, 2019 | Trade Initiatives, Webinars

Trade Risk Guaranty provides a comprehensive look at what is going on in the trade war with China, including the List 3 increase, List 4 announcement, and the exclusions granted so far.

Although we all hoped for an end to the Trade War with China, things have only escalated over the past month. In order to wade through the influx of news and announcements, Trade Risk Guaranty once again teamed up with Gregg Cummings from Strix to provide as much information in a 45-minute window as possible.

The discussion includes the following topics:

If you have additional questions on the current Trade War, check out our TRG Talks Tariffs for access to all of TRG’s tariff related content and submit any questions you may have directly to TRG’s team of experts.

Watch the Full Webinar on for an Update on the Trade War

Watch the full webinar below for a comprehensive look at the trade war with China and what you can do yo help prepare your company for potential new tariffs on the way.

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