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Here at TRG, we're passionate about helping importers reduce costs and reach their potential by
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In the last 25 years we've worked with over 10,000 people just like you.

People working from sunup to sundown to grow their businesses. People wearing multiple hats, looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency.

TRG helps people by decreasing the cost and time associated with buying the insurance and surety bonds they need to import, export, and thrive! 

This lets them focus on what's important!

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"...the whole process was QUICKER than anyone else in the business"

10,000+ Amazing Clients

Trade Risk Guaranty provides the U.S. Customs Bond to Kawasaki. 1-800-Flowers get their U.S. Customs Bond from Trade Risk Guaranty.

Get Unreal, All-Risk Cargo Insurance Coverage...Without the High Cost

TRG will help you protect your shipping containers with Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance.

It can be STRESSFUL worrying about your business. With everything else on your plate, DON'T LET cargo insurance keep you up at night. Purchasing an annual, all-risk policy from TRG gives you piece of mind that your business is protected, EVERY TIME. 

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Protect your shipping containers with Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance from TRG.

U.S. Customs Bond from TRG save you time and money.

Forget About Your Customs Bond!

Save time and money on your U.S. Customs Bond with TRG.

With the massive amount of TIME and ENERGY it takes to grow a business, who has the time (or the want) to think about renewing a customs bond? NOBODY. But it's impossible to import without one.

TRG gives you the ability to:

  • FREE UP TIME for business growth & development
  • Gain insight on CRITICAL importing INFORMATION
  • BUILD a business relationship focused on your compliance & success

All without jeopardizing your relationship with your Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder. 

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Find your company's Customs Bond information


As part of TRG's ongoing efforts to empower importers to improve their logistics practices through education, we have provided a free service to look up information pertaining to your company's U.S. Customs bond. Utilizing this free service, you will be able to locate your:

  • Bond Number
  • Bond Size
  • Bond Type
  • Effective Date


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) assigns a company an importer number by taking a firm's tax ID and adding a two digit suffix on the end. Usually two zeros. The most common format is 12-123456700.

Sole-proprietorships may use their Social Security Number (SSN). 123-12-1234

CBP assigns importer numbers for non-U.S. based firms. 123456-12345.

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