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Save up to $300/Year on Your Continuous U.S. Customs Importer Bond

TRG helps importers save money on their U.S. Customs Bond.

Save Money

Get your bond directly from a surety agency

Trade Risk Guaranty helps businesses save time on their U.S. Customs Bonds.

Save Time

Pay for your bond for up to FIVE YEARS in advance

TRG offers clients entry monitoring for their U.S. Customs Bonds.

Monitor Entries

Monitor entries on your mobile device

Experience & Expertise

Founder and TRG President, John Michel, served as national underwriter for one of the largest Customs bond companies from 1985 to 1991. Through this experience he realized that certain products and services that were traditionally provided by the customs brokers could be provided directly from the insurance agency, resulting in lower prices and higher levels of expert customer service.

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Surety Underwriters

TRG works directly with Hanover Insurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts and Hudson Insurance Company of New York, New York, both of which are insurance companies approved by the Department of the U.S. Treasury to issue U.S. Customs bonds. 

About our Surety Partners

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Multi-Year Billing

TRG gives access to a multi-year billing structure that can only be offered directly from a surety agent. Multi-year pricing decreases our administrative costs and we pass the savings along to you. A continuous import bond remains on file with U.S. Customs until it is terminated.

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Bond Types

There are many types of bonds required by Customs & Border Protection (CBP) for various reasons. While TRG has the experience and expertise to provide every type, the most common types issued are the import bond, custodian bond, international carrier bond, foreign trade zone bond and airport security bond.

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Because we know that for most businesses the only constant is change, TRG offers a refund policy on unused premium for each unused annual bond period. Whether you need to increase your bond, change importer numbers, or cancel your policy for any reason, TRG will pro-rate your refund based on the number of annual bond periods you didn't use.

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As part of our courtesy service, TRG acts as a liaison for Importers with U.S. Customs Agencies. Our in-house claims analysts assist importers with prompt and professional compliance response to U.S. Customs claims.

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TRG issues your bond in accordance with CBP requirements and handles any and all bond changes at no additional charge.

  • Address changes
  • Name changes
  • Addition and deletion of trade names

All TRG customers are automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Program which includes in-house claims assistance, access to our web-based Customs Reporting system Eagle Eye, manifest confidentiality assistance, and other specialty discounts! You also have unlimited access to our Customer Loyalty Advocate who brings excellence to every client interaction and will assist you with any needs you have as a TRG client.

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Eagle Eye Reports

As a TRG bond customer, you now have access to fast, accurate, private, and easily accessible information regarding your import entries; whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection. Eagle Eye offers you the most convenient way to resolve problems faster and easier by allowing you access to timely information about your entry without you having to track it down.

Not only does this tool take information directly from U.S. Customs and streamline the data for your review, TRG is here to help you understand the data. As our client we want you to maintain the highest level of Customs compliance you can.

Many of our users indicate they have access to this vital information on Eagle Eye well before they are notified by their Customs broker.

  • Liquidated Damages Report

    A streamlined view of any 10+2 ISF and Customs Entry penalty notices by Customs per entry. Failure to respond to Customs may not only increase the penalty amount but can affect your compliance rating.

  • Entry Report

    Reflects the status of entries under each import bond. Allows you to see each entry number, entry date & status, import value, estimated duty, liquidation date & amount per bond per importer.

  • Supplemental Duty Report

    Includes information on entry liquidation and Customs additional bills. View the status of your bills due to classification review or anti-dumping/countervailing upon liquidation.

  • Customs Bond Report

    Outlines the customs bond(s) your company currently has on file.


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