How are your freight loss claims currently handled?

When you are looking into the different cargo insurance available, make sure you are working with a company that you can deal with directly to mitigate your claims.

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How Do I File a Cargo Insurance Claim?

In the event of loss or damage to the goods the following procedures should be complied with and the necessary documentation be provided.

Failure to do so could result in your claim being either declined or reduced.

  1. Submit a written claim to the Carriers, Shipping Lines, Port Authorities or other interested parties for any missing or damaged goods within three days of receipt of your cargo. Once the extent of your claim is known a further letter should be sent with your calculated claim and accompanied by supporting documentation (copy invoices / photo’s etc.)
  2. Avoid giving a clean receipt (a clean receipt is confirmation that the goods have been received in a sound / undamaged condition)
  3. Check all consignments at the time of delivery. If any evidence exists to suggest that shortages/damage may have been caused to the consignment/contents, the receipt given to the carrier etc., should be noted accordingly. Where practical an immediate examination of the goods should be undertaken.
  4. Check that the container and its seals are examined by an authorized official. If the container is delivered damaged, with seals broken or missing, or with a seal other than as stated in the shipping documents, be sure to clause the delivery receipt accordingly and retain all defective or irregular seals.
  5. Notify Jurisdictional / Port or Law Enforcement authorities, in respect of loss and / or damage attributable to Fire and/or Hold Up and/or Theft and/or Robbery and/or Malicious Damage
  6. Take photograph’s of any damaged goods and, if applicable, the container.
  7. Ensure that any damaged goods are separated from existing stock for surveyors’ inspection.
  8. Report the claim to

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What Documentation is Needed to File a Cargo Insurance Claim?

Provide the following documentation to TRG Marine™ in the event of a cargo insurance claim:

  • Copy of all B/L’s - ocean, air, inland - covering the entire shipment along with paid freight bills.
  • Shipper’s commercial invoice covering the entire shipment.
  • Copy of the packing list(s).
  • For U.S. Imports, the Duty Consumption Entry Report (customs forms).
  • All delivery receipts, showing exceptions or not, as well as any bad order slips and carrier
  • Inspection reports.
  • For non-deliveries, written confirmation from the transportation carrier that they cannot make delivery.
  • Copy of the claimant’s letters to the transportation carriers placing them on notice, plus any replies received.
  • Statement of claim.
  • Copies of all relevant correspondence.
  • Original certificate of insurance, is applicable.
  • Photos, if available.