Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a webinar explaining the Eagle Eye Reporting system that helps you monitor your entries.

[Webinar] Monitor Your Entries with Eagle Eye Reporting

Trade Risk Guaranty’s most recent webinar covered TRG’s Eagle Eye Reporting system and how that can help you monitor your entries with the most up-to-date information from Customs.

As an importer, you know how important it is to stay informed on the status of your entries into the United States. The more informed you are about your import practices, the more in control you can be of your compliance with Customs and Border Protection.

However, here at TRG, we know how difficult it can be to gather the important information you need and, to ultimately, monitor your entries. That is exactly why Trade Risk Guaranty created the Eagle Eye Reporting System.

How Eagle Eye Helps You Monitor Your Entries

Eagle Eye is a specialized reporting system available as a premier perk to companies that have their U.S. Customs Bond through Trade Risk Guaranty. With an account, you are able to pull data directly from Customs in order to access and monitor the most up-to-date information about your entries.

Through the Eagle Eye system, you are able to run the following reports:

  • Liquidated Damages Report
  • Supplemental Duty Bills
  • Entries Archive
  • Entry Information
  • Bond Information

Watch the Webinar on How to Create an Account and Use the Eagle Eye Reporting System


View the Webinar Slides Below

Read the Full Transcript from the Webinar

Eagle Eye Webinar Introduction

What is Eagle Eye Reporting?

How to Access the Eagle Eye Reporting System

Running a Liquidated Damages Report

How toTrack Your Supplemental Duty Bills

Viewing Your Entries Archive

How to Search for Your Entries Information

How to Check Your Bond Information

Eagle Eye Webinar Conclusion

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Meredith Lambert • May 24, 2017

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