Trade Risk Guaranty provides a year-end update on the Chinese tariffs.

[Webinar] Year-End Update on the Chinese Tariffs: Section 232 & 301

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Customs Compliance, Trade Initiatives, Webinars

Trade Risk Guaranty holds an educational webinar with their sister company, Strix, covering a year-end update on the Chinese tariffs and the G20 Leader Summit.

After the G20 Leader Summit, there have been many announcements concerning the Chinese tariffs. In order to clarify the influx of information coming out, Trade Risk Guaranty hosted a webinar with Gregg Cummings from Strix.

The presentation is a full hour discussing the following topics:

  • Introducing Section 201 & The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
  • Recap on Import Tariffs; Section 232 & Section 301
  • Announcements from the G20 Leader Summit
  • Reactions to the G20 Leader Summit
  • What We Have Seen Since Implementation
  • What Can You Do? And Tools To Help

Watch the Full Webinar for a Year-End Update on the Chinese Tariffs

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