All import/export companies use shipping containers to transport goods across the ocean. But who owns these shipping containers?

Who Owns Shipping Containers

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Logistics / Shipping

All import/export companies use shipping containers to transport goods across the ocean. But who owns these shipping containers?

Shipping containers are used by every business transporting goods across the ocean, they come in many shapes and sizes but they all accomplish the same goal. Have you ever been curious who owns these containers? You could quite possibly import goods into the US and never know whose shipping container you are using. If you are using a shipping container it probably came from one of two places, it is either owned by a shipping line or owned by a container leasing company, a very small percentage of shipping containers are also owned by the shipper. The only indication of ownership is the writing on the side of the container.

Shipping Containers Owned by the Shipping Line

Shipping lines such as MSC or Maersk are commonly the owners of the shipping containers that they use. Since they own the containers they are using, this is a cost-effective way for these companies to be able to transport goods without having to lease out containers. However, sometimes logistics or other complications require shipping lines to lease containers to fulfill requirements. Leasing containers can reduce the costs for shipping lines when it comes to repairs/maintenance, storage, and repositioning.

Shipping Container Leasing Companies

Container leasing companies, such as Triton, build containers for the sole purpose of leasing them out to shipping lines around the world. They have demand locations across the world with a stock of specialty and general containers. Basically, they are just waiting for a shipping line to be in need.

There are also some smaller shipping lines which only lease containers. This is because they don’t want to endure the expense of owning their own containers.

Leasing companies accounted for 55% of container purchases in 2017.

Shipping Containers Owned Directly by Shippers

There is also a small portion of containers which are owned by shippers themselves. This could be because they export regularly or because they need specialty containers for their products to be packed and stowed. Whatever the reason, shipper owned container account for a couple of percentage points of the worldwide container population.

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