Human Resources for U.S. Importers

Human Resources for U.S. Importers

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Customs Compliance, Importing Entry Process, Logistics / Shipping

Human resources are available to importers who can help make the shipping and entry process easy from start to finish.

Importers can often tackle all the necessary tasks involved with the U.S. import process. Operating this way is often the most cost-efficient method. By working closely with their supply chain, importers who are active in the process are more likely to maintain a higher compliance rating.

However, the import process may cause headaches for some operations and take away from other critical supply chain issues. It is difficult for some importers to handle tasks such as sourcing, filing goods with Customs Border & Protection (CBP), protecting goods while in transit, and clearing goods through Customs.

Human Resources for U.S. Importers

Business owners who don’t want to maintain the import process can hire someone to do it, so they’re able to focus on other business elements and have peace of mind in knowing that their shipments are being cared for by a licensed professional.

For those without the time or expertise to manage all logistics tasks directly, import solutions specialists can be a vital tool in their supply chain. These specialists often include Customs brokers and freight forwarders. Some of the services they can offer include:

  • A logistical priority that a professional import solutions company can help importers with is determining the ideal method of shipment in which goods can be imported and delivered to their final destination.
  • A critical element in the U.S. importing process is Importer Security Filing (ISF). An importer can have a professional complete some or all ISF filing on their behalf.
  • Once the goods cross the border into the USA, they have to be cleared by CBP before they can be released. Clearing Customs entries is a service that some import solutions specialists can provide.
  • Having a professional perform the due diligence in your import process that you do not have the availability to perform ensures your import process happens correctly each time.
  • Imports solutions specialists can help importers find the best coverage to protect their goods while they are in transit by leading the importer to their ideal marine cargo insurance policy.

U.S. importers are solely responsible for complying with laws and regulations associated with the process of importing. Although import solutions providers are professionals, it is essential to remember that the importer of record ultimately carries all the risks and liabilities related to the importing process, regardless of who files the entries.

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