Trade Risk Guaranty (TRG) explains General Average in an educational video.

[Video] What is General Average?

In an educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty explains the maritime law of General Average and how it can be declared on a shipment.   The law of General Average (GA) is a legal principle of maritime law that has existed as a part of international trade since ancient times. In fact, the earliest documented laws…

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Trade Risk Guaranty walks importers through the TRG Marine Claims Process.

[Video] What is the TRG Marine Claims Process?

Trade Risk Guaranty walks you through what to expect during the TRG marine claims process in an informative video.   When you have a Marine Cargo Insurance policy with Trade Risk Guaranty, we know the hope is that you never have to use it. But knowing the claims process can help you better protect your…

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TRG provides 3 questions to ask your Freight Forwarder before you hire them.

3 Important Questions to Ask Your Freight Forwarder

Hiring a Freight Forwarder for your company is an important decision, but where do you begin? TRG has put together some information to help you get started.   Many companies that import into the United States are left somewhat ‘in the dark’ when it comes to their import practices. Most put their full trust in…

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TRG explains how Incoterms affect your cargo insurance when a claim arises.

[Video] How Incoterms Affect Your Cargo Insurance

In an educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty explains how Incoterms affect your cargo insurance, particularly in the case when a claim arises.   Incoterms define the responsibilities between the buyer and the seller throughout the supply chain of an international transaction. However, an aspect of these terms that is not often defined is how Incoterms…

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Trade Risk Guaranty answers frequently asked questions about certificates of insurance.

Certificates of Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Many importers and exporters are not sure if they actually need certificates of insurance. So the marine cargo insurance experts at TRG answered a few of your FAQs.   There are many moments in the importing and exporting process that can be confusing and, at times, outright misleading. In order to help you determine fact…

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TRG explains bond sufficiency and how the Chinese tariffs may impact your import bond.

[Webinar] How Chinese Tariffs Impact Bond Sufficiency

In a new webinar from Trade Risk Guaranty, the intricacies of bond sufficiency and how the Section 232 and 301 tariffs impact it are explained.   The topic of bond sufficiency is a widely misunderstood one throughout the international trade community. There are so many intricacies throughout the topic that it is easy to spiral…

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