An airport security bond acts similar to a US customs bond, it is needed to operate inside of an airport behind secure lines

Airport Security Bonds

An Airport Security Bond acts similar to a US Customs Bond, it is needed to operate inside of an airport behind secure lines. Operating a business working inside an airport is no easy task. On top of increased costs and protocols, an airport security bond and a Customs access seal are both a necessary part…

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CF-29 is no warning, it is a Notice of Action. Customs believes that you payed a different amount in duties than what is owed

Intro to Importing: Understanding a CF-29

A Notice of Action is an alert that you paid the incorrect amount of duties and fees when entering your goods into the United States. After an importer receives a Customs Form 28 (CF-28), Customs and Border Protection will send a follow-up document known as a Customs Form 29. A CF-29 is no warning, it…

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Trade Risk Guaranty explains ocean carriers and their responsibility in transit.

[Webinar] What is Your Ocean Carrier Responsible For?

Trade Risk Guaranty explains the responsibilities of ocean carriers and how you can protect yourself from disaster while your goods are in transit. There are many different parts of the importing process that an importer does not typically have direct oversight on. Instead, an importer must put their trust in their selected Customs broker or…

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The USTR has released the first round of List 3 exclusions granted.

Round 1 List 3 Exclusions Granted: Section 301

The U.S.T.R. announced the first round of Section 301 List 3 exclusions granted. These items will be excluded from the 25% tariff imposed on September 24, 2018. On August 7, 2019, the United States Trade Representative released an official announcement to the Federal Register with the first round of exclusions to List 3 of the…

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The friendly floatees traveled all across the world. 

Friendly Floatees: Bath Toys Become World Travelers

Ever wondered what happens to float-able plastics that end up in the ocean? They travel all across the world. Since 1992, plastic bath toys have been traveling across the world going with the current. These toys, dubbed the Friendly Floatees helped scientists map out the surface currents of the ocean. The Toys that Saw the…

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The shipping container has fueled the international economy for the last half century as boats got bigger and technology advanced

The History of Shipping Containers

The shipping container changed the way international trade is conducted. For centuries, humans have voyaged across the sea, bringing various cargo along with them. Towards the beginning of the 19th century, trade via sea needed a more efficient loading and storage process. It took dock crews a week to unload a large ship’s cargo by…

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