Trade Risk Guaranty provides a video explaining how to determine your bond size for a U.S. Customs bond.

[Video] How to Calculate Your Customs Bond Size

In a short educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty explains how to calculate your U.S. Customs Bond Size.   After learning the basics of Customs Bonds in our educational videos explaining ‘What is a Customs Import Bond?’ and ‘the difference between a Single Entry and Continuous Bond’, it is time to expand on that topic and…

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Trade Risk Guaranty provides an infographic explaining the Marine Cargo insurance claims process and what to do if you lose your biggest shipment.

What Happens When You Lose Your Biggest Shipment?

In an intricate infographic, Trade Risk Guaranty maps out the process when an international shipper has a marine cargo insurance claim and potentially loses their biggest shipment.   Shipping goods through an international supply chain can be a nerve-wracking process. We have all seen some of the disasters that can occur at sea, and we…

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Trade Risk Guaranty hosts an educational webinar covering updates on the Section 232 and Section 301 tariffs.

[Webinar] Update on the Tariffs on Imports: Section 232 & 301

In another educational webinar presented by Trade Risk Guaranty and Strix, we go cover updates on the tariffs on imports from China and on steel and aluminum.   As news continues to come out around the recently imposed tariffs on imports into the United States, TRG as put together an update to help educate importers…

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TRG goes through what you should do when you receive a liquidated damages claim.

What To Do When You Receive a Liquidated Damages Claim

Recieving a liquidated damages claim notice from Customs and Border Protection can be intimidating for small and medium-sized businesses, but taking the right next steps can save your business money.   Liquidated damages claims are issued as a result of breaching a condition of your U.S. Customs Bond. As the principal on the bond, an…

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Discover the basics of Incoterms Rules and why you should know them in this educational video from Trade Risk Guaranty.

[Video] What Are Incoterms Rules?

In an educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty walks you through an introduction to the Incoterms Rules and why you need to know them for your supply chain.   The topic of Incoterms can be overwhelming and confusing, but ultimately these terms define major responsibilities between the buyer and seller throughout the supply chain. So knowing…

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Take a look inside Trade Risk Guaranty's office in downtown Bozeman.

A Look Inside TRG’s Downtown Bozeman Office

Take a peek inside Trade Risk Guaranty’s office in Downtown Bozeman, Montana.   Here are TRG, we are very proud of our hometown and the outdoor lifestyle it provides for our employees, in fact, that lifestyle is a huge part of what we celebrate on this blog. But we thought it was about time to…

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