Trade Risk Guaranty holds a webinar explaining the changes with Incoterms® 2020.

[Webinar] Incoterms® 2020: What’s Changed?

Trade Risk Guaranty held an educational webinar covering the changes released in Incoterms® 2020 and why these changes were made. As of September 2019, the International Chamber of Commerce released the new iteration of their Incoterms® rules: Incoterms® 2020. These updates rules will replace the previous set of rules Incoterms® 2010. To get a better…

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TRG walks through a full Incoterms Comparison of CIF and FOB.

Incoterms® Comparison: CIF Versus FOB

Get a better idea of which term is right for your business in this Incoterms® comparison of CIF versus FOB.   While we all understand the importance of knowing the Incoterms® rules used for our business, sometimes it can be difficult to identify which one is the right choice. In this Incoterms® comparison, we are…

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TRG explains how Incoterms affect your cargo insurance when a claim arises.

[Video] How Incoterms Affect Your Cargo Insurance

In an educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty explains how Incoterms affect your cargo insurance, particularly in the case when a claim arises. Incoterms define the responsibilities between the buyer and the seller throughout the supply chain of an international transaction. However, an aspect of these terms that is not often defined is how Incoterms affect…

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Managing thChoosing an Incoterm for exporters in the United States.

Choosing an Incoterm for Your U.S. Exports

Choosing an incoterm for your U.S. exports can be tricky business. However, with an understanding of the responsibilities that come with each incoterm, an exporter can easily choose the best one for their business. When it comes to international trade, there are always two parties involved in any sale of goods; the buyer, typically the…

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Discover the basics of Incoterms Rules and why you should know them in this educational video from Trade Risk Guaranty.

[Video] What Are Incoterms Rules?

In an educational video, Trade Risk Guaranty walks you through an introduction to the Incoterms Rules and why you need to know them for your supply chain. The topic of Incoterms can be overwhelming and confusing, but ultimately these terms define major responsibilities between the buyer and seller throughout the supply chain. So knowing which…

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Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a webinar about Incoterms and how they affect your Marine Cargo Insurance policy.

[Webinar] The U.S. Importer’s Introduction to Incoterms

Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a webinar with a marine cargo insurance expert presenting an introduction to incoterms for United States importers. When it comes to shipping internationally, there is an endless list of potentially confusing elements involved in the transaction. However, at the top of that list are Incoterms. It can be difficult for an…

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