A look at the daily commutes of Trade Risk Guaranty Team and how it lead to winning the Bozeman Commuter Challenge.

TRG Bikes to Work during the Bozeman Commuter Challenge

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Bozeman Community, TRG Events

Trade Risk Guaranty celebrates the start of spring by participating in the Bozeman Commuter Challenge and logging enough miles to win first place!

In Bozeman, the month of May does not only mark the start of spring, it also means it is time for the Bozeman Commuter Challenge! This year, Trade Risk Guaranty’s Commuter Challenge Team consisted of 15 commuters within the company that dedicated themselves to using alternative methods during their daily commutes to work to minimize their use of cars.

The TRG team’s hard work ultimately paid off with TRG taking the top spot in our company size category! You can see the full results below:

The 2017 results for the Bozeman Commuter Challenge with Trade Risk Guaranty winning in their division.

Biking to Work in Downtown Bozeman

Trade Risk Guaranty’s office is located in downtown Bozeman, Montana which is a beautiful and vibrant part of town filled with pedestrian and traditional traffic. To help keep parking available to the many tourists that frequent the area during their trips to Yellowstone National Park, there is a current campaign to use alternative means of commuting to work in order to reduce the number of cars parked in the area.

To show how easy it is to bike to work in the downtown area, TRG followed three of our team members to document their daily commutes during the warmer months in Montana. Watch the video below to see what their mornings and afternoons look like.


Trade Risk Guaranty’s History with the Bozeman Commuter Challenge

For the past few years, TRG has looked forward to the Bozeman Commuter Challenge taking home the number one spots a couple years in a row. The Commuter Challenge is also a great way to celebrate the start of spring and gives us all an excuse to start spending more time outside. We also love to have a team lunch one of the weeks of the challenge in order to encourage the TRG Team’s participation and stay motivated throughout the varying weather conditions of May in Montana.

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