Trade Risk Guaranty celebrates take your child to work day.

TRG Celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day

by | May 1, 2017 | TRG Events

TRG celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day with a morning filled with food, coloring, and learning about international trade.

On Thursday, April 27, 2017, Trade Risk Guaranty and our sister company, Strix, hosted our teams’ children to celebrate Take Your Child to Work Day. During the morning, the kids spent time experiencing what their parents do all day while they are at work, meeting the other children that participated, and learning more about the world of international trade.

TRG and Strix were happy to welcome a group of about 10 kids in our office in downtown Bozeman.


Take Your Child to Work in International Trade

The overall topic of international trade can be a difficult one for even adults to fully comprehend, but when you get into the niche products Trade Risk Guaranty offers, U.S. Customs Bonds and Marine Cargo Insurance, the topic gets extremely more complicated. In order to make this information easy to understand and give the kids something to take away from their visit to TRG, the Marketing team put together a story showcasing the journey cargo goes on to make its way to us!

The kids were then given coloring sheets to support what they just learned and so that they could express their favorite way to travel! To download this coloring sheet for your kids, download the PDF and print it at home.

The following are a few pictures taken throughout the morning as we celebrated Take Your Child To Work day!

Trade Risk Guaranty enjoys a day spent with the kids that attended take your child to work day.

A great take your child to work day at TRG's downtown Bozeman office.

The kids learn about international trade during take your child to work day.

Take your child to work day at Trade Risk Guaranty in downtown Bozeman.

The kids take over Trade Risk Guaranty's downtown Bozeman office.

Take your child to work day is fun for the whole family at TRG's downtown office.

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