Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a blood drive in downtown Bozeman, Montana

TRG’s May Blood Drive in Downtown Bozeman

by | May 30, 2019 | TRG Events

Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a Red Cross donation center for a blood drive in downtown Bozeman, Montana.

On Wednesday, May 29th, TRG hosted a blood drive in downtown Bozeman at our office on Main Street. Blood cannot be manufactured so it must be given by volunteer donors. TRG enjoys providing a safe and convenient space for donors to make their life-saving contributions.

Hosting a Blood Drive in Downtown Bozeman

This was the second year TRG has hosted a donation site for the Red Cross and both years have been a wonderful experience. The American Red Cross makes hosting a site is easy and it allows TRG’s employees to donate toward an important cause from the convenience of the office.

An added benefit of being located in downtown Bozeman is the foot traffic on Main Street that allows for walk-ins to take part in the effort as well. We also enjoy showing our office space off to the residents of Bozeman that may not have a chance otherwise.

This year’s blood drive results:

  • 13 Total Participants
  • 9 TRG Employees Participated
  • 4 Walk-ins

The American Red Cross is currently in critical need of donations. Hosting a donation site in your office space is a great way to encourage employees to donate and can end up being a wonderful team-building exercise. Check out the Red Cross’ website for more information on hosting a donation site.

Here Are a Few of the TRG Employees that Donated Blood

Remember one donation can save up to three lives! Rachel Bauman, TRG’s Bond Claims Manager, has a rare blood type and has donated with the Red Cross 17 times!

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