Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a new webinar with Gregg Cummings from Strix, a Licensed Customs Broker.

[Webinar] Customs in the New ACE Environment: What to Expect in 2018

Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a webinar with Strix covering the topic of what to expect with Customs and Border Protection and the ACE Environment in 2018. The start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate your business’ importing practices in order to strengthen your supply chain and increase your compliance with Customs…

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The Labor Day weekend brings a higher rate of cargo theft. Protect yourself with marine insurance.

Labor Day Weekend Brings an Increased in Cargo Theft Activity

Although the risk of cargo theft is present throughout any supply chain during any time of the year, there is a marked increase around the Labor Day holiday weekend. Everybody loves a holiday weekend, unfortunately for us, so do thieves. In fact, historically, holiday weekends come with an increase in the amount of cargo theft…

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Trade Risk Guaranty holds a webinar to explain the process of Liquidation and entering goods into the United States.

[Webinar] The Process of Liquidation and Entering Goods into the United States

Trade Risk Guaranty hosts an educational webinar covering the process of liquidation and the overall process of importing goods into the United States. The process of liquidation can be a very confusing topic for new importers since it is an easy term to confuse with very different aspects of the business world. When it comes…

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Trade Risk Guaranty hosts a webinar explaining the Eagle Eye Reporting system that helps you monitor your entries.

[Webinar] Monitor Your Entries with Eagle Eye Reporting

Trade Risk Guaranty’s most recent webinar covered TRG’s Eagle Eye Reporting system and how that can help you monitor your entries with the most up-to-date information from Customs. As an importer, you know how important it is to stay informed on the status of your entries into the United States. The more informed you are…

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Discover the reasons why your bond provider is concerned with anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Why Your Surety is Concerned with Anti-dumping and Countervailing

Understanding why Customs bond providers and Sureties have an increased concern for imported goods subject to anti-dumping and countervailing duties can help importers navigate through the confusing process of importing these commodities. Importing goods subject to Anti-dumping and Countervailing duties (AD/CVD) can increase the difficulty of securing a Customs Bond from a Surety. In these…

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Trade Risk Guaranty takes a closer look at the history of women in international trade.

The History of Women in International Trade

TRG takes a deeper look at the history of women in international trade and how far the industry has come in providing opportunities for women Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and to celebrate, Trade Risk Guaranty wanted to take a closer look at the history of women in international trade and where the…

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